Google Earth Timelapses show climate change

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“The race is now on between the technoscientific and scientific forces that are destroying the living environment and those that can be harnessed to save it. . . . If the race is won, humanity can emerge in far better condition than when it entered, and with most of the diversity of life still intact.”
― Edward O. Wilson, The Future of Life

Climate change can have a profound impact and irreversible to everyone. Its severe effects have already been seen and felt around the world. Whatever the naysayers may say, climate change is a global problem that requires global solutions. The risks it poses to the world can have life-altering consequences if not mitigated. And yet, despite all the dangers it represents, it remains on the fringes of most people’s consciousness. It is a topic that not many people talk about every day.

Climate News Stocker is dedicated to gathering and sharing relevant news, tips, ideas, and stories on climate change and the environment. This non-climate change experts’ blog aims to put the spotlight on conversations, initiatives, and the strides climate champions from around the world are making.